Updates and changes for the Person content type and related items.

July 16, 2019

Person Content

The image has been updated to a 250 X 250 pixel square. The former image was 225 X 300 pixels. You can upload a larger image (less than 5 MB) and use the Image Mask utility to select the portion of the image you want to appear. The Mask can be moved and scaled, but it will stay the correct proportions. People profiles that were created before the update will stay the former size until you edit the person profile page. When you Save the form, the image will be displayed as 250 X 250 pixels. At first it may appear out of proportion, but if you refresh the page it will appear correctly.

Institution/Organization An additional field has been added to the Person content form. It is for the name of the Institution or Organization to which the person is associated.

Person Listing

The Person Listing has additional fields. These fields have been added:

  • Table Layout - Institution
  • Card Style Layout – Specialization and Institution

Team Page Content Type

Team Page. A new content type has been created; you would need to request this content added to your website if you wish to use it. It allows you to create a page that would list members of a team and display them in the Table or Card style layout.

For the full documentation check here.