Update to Image Properites

Nov. 21, 2018
Image with a caption.

Once you have selected an image to put in your document using CKEditor, please look at the new “Hide image caption” box under the Advanced tab in the Image Properties Box.

Image Properties BoxThe Advanced tab lets you configure additional image options. Please fill in the Advisory Title, this becomes the caption and the screen tip for the image. This is mandatory (ADA compliance). If you don’t want the caption to be viewable place “no-caption” in the Stylesheet Classes or simply select the “Hide image captions” box under the Advisory Title.

Captions, Borders or HSpace and VSpace – If you want your image to have a Caption it will use the Advisory Title. If you have a Caption you should not use the HSpace and VSpace or Borders.

If you want to use the Borders, HSpace and VSpace you will need to go the Advanced tab and select the “Hide image caption” box under the Advisory Title. Sometimes when you Save your document you will see that the text is too close to the image, using the HSpace and VSpace allows you to place space between the image and the text.