New websites for Extension and Counties

Nov. 14, 2014

One university branding

In addition to moving the Extension websites to Drupal, the sites have been updated to reflect the one university branding. More information on the CFAES brand can be found at The CFAES Brand page.

From Plone to Drupal

Extension moved from HTML sites in 2009 to a content management system, Plone. Common web technology suggests websites should be updated every three years. It has now been five years since we moved to Plone. Web technology changes so fast our websites had fallen seriously behind even in just five years. Think about it: social media as we know it today is only five years old! Trends in web design are accelerating, too. A careful observer can almost pinpoint the year in which a site was designed by its style and technology.

We cannot predict how technological change will affect our websites in the future, that is virtually impossible. There is bound to be something, whether it be the way browsers display our websites or simply what’s in style, that will change in the near future and cause us to rethink choices we are making right now. And that’s ok, as long as we’re comfortable with our websites being a work in progress.

Features on the new Extension websites

The new Extension websites have many improvements. It is no longer necessary to request the helpdesk to change a county address, telephone number or hours of operation. The content managers are able to make these changes. There is flexibility to create links to internal pages, external websites or other content, such as a PDF, making these links Additional Resources or Helpful Links on the right sidebar of pages and/or links directly from the left navigation. The sites are easy to update and maintain.