Drupal 7 Training for OSU Extension County Websites

March 9, 2017
jesery cow

This is a copy of the announcement from Cheryl Buck:

OSU Extension is offering several additional county website training sessions this spring around the state. Each county website user must be trained before you have access to update your county site. Training includes Drupal-specific instructions, as well as a broad overview of the site and overall expectations for content on the county sites.

The additional sessions will be offered:

  • April 11 (Tues) – Springfield, Clark County office
  • April 25 (Tues) – Cortland, Trumbull County office
  • May 16 (Tues) – Bowling Green, Northwest Region office
  • May 18 (Thurs) – Wooster, 121 Fisher Hall
  • June 1 (Thurs) – Caldwell, Southeast Region office
  • June 29 (Thurs) – Piketon, South Centers computer lab

Hands-on training will be held from 9am to noon at each location. Computers will be provided for the training; we preload information on our computers for your use during training.

The sessions will be filled on a first come, first-served basis. This is a hands-on training, so attendance is somewhat limited. Priority will be given to individuals who have not been trained to date, although those who want a refresher course are welcome to attend if there is room in the class. There is no charge for the training session. Lunch will not be provided.

If you want to register for one of the training sessions, contact Bonnie Scranton (scranton.9@osu.edu) as soon as possible.

Note: The existing county site training sessions in Columbus (200 Kottman Hall) are still being held on April 6 (9am-noon), May 3 (9am-noon), and June 8 (9am-noon). You also need to contact Bonnie to register for one of these classes. More information about these classes is available at http://go.osu.edu/training.

Thanks, Cheryl

Cheryl A. Buck
Extension Communication Manager, Executive Assistant to the Director
College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences OSU Extension
Room 3 Ag Admin Building, 2120 Fyffe Road, Columbus, OH 43210
614-292-4880 Office / 614-361-2904 Mobile / 614-688-3807 Fax
buck.19@osu.edu extension.osu.edu