CFAES Email Builder (CEB)

April 27, 2021
Email Builder

Building HTML emails is hard work. That is why the University and CFAES have created easy to use assets for your email marketing needs. The CFAES Email Builder is at:

You will need to request a log on to the CFAES Email Builder (CEB). Use the Web Request form on the CFAES Marketing and Communications website or email the IT helpdesk to get a log on. The request form is at:

You can also request that the CEB be added to your website.

Example of Email using CEB


Once you have a log on to the CEB you will have access to all the modules and components that allow for template flexibility so you can add and remove elements to meet your specific messaging needs while staying on-brand.

Component: The smallest building blocks, the absolute fundamentals of our system. Components include images, headers, paragraphs, buttons and more.

Module: When two or more components are combined, they become a module. Modules include the masthead, footer, stories, list items, event details and more.

Once you have gathered the information that you want to send in your Email you will want to pick out the modules to build your Email. On the left  is an example of how your email might appear.