1. Working on my website.

    Website classes March 2018 to September 2018

    Feb 16, 2018

    Each month there are training classes for Basic Template Websites, Extension County Websites, CFAES Department Websites and Google Analytics. If you are interested in attending one of the training sessions, please email Bonnie Scranton at and include the training session you would like to attend and the website(s) you will be editing after training. Please see a list of classes sorted by type and sorted by date in this News Article.

  2. Waterman Farm

    CFAES and Brand Website Redesign and CFAES Identity Launch

    Feb 27, 2018

    The CFAES website and brand website redesign are the result of the creation of a CFAES identity that is enhancing our current brand. I want to highlight a few things about the CFAES identity, so you are clear about where we have been and where we hope to be in the near future.

  3. Back roads of Ohio

    OSU Extension County Website Training

    Feb 16, 2018

    We are offering several OSU Extension County Website Training sessions this spring around the state. Also listed are the normal monthly training sessions on main campus. Each county website user must be trained before you have access to update your county site. Training includes Drupal-specific instructions, as well as a broad overview of the site and overall expectations for content on the county sites.

  4. analytics

    Google Analytics

    Dec 7, 2017

    You have a new feature on your website tools, Google Analytics!

    The Google Analytics tab in the top tool bar of your website will allow you to view the Google Analytics for your website. Login to your website and select the Google Analytics tab (Other top tool bar tabs include Content and Structure). Once the Google Analytics reports are loaded you will have the following tabs: Traffic Overview, Top Pages, Referrers, Devices, and Locations.

  5. Photo Gallery

    Updated Photo Gallery

    Sep 1, 2017

    Drupal 7 Basic and Drupal 7 Department templates have an updated version of the Photo Gallery.

  6. jesery cow

    Drupal 7 Training for OSU Extension County Websites

    Mar 9, 2017

    OSU Extension is offering several county website training sessions this spring. For more information and to see when we will be doing training in your area please read this announcement from Cheryl Buck.

  7. Great Seal on the Oval

    Carmen Ohio in seven languages

    Feb 16, 2017

    Commissioned by the Ohio State Marion's Office of Student Life and Diversity and Inclusion, a new video highlights the regional campus' commitment to diversity on the Marion campus and throughout the university community. Ohio State's alma mater is translated from English into Spanish, Ukrainian, Chinese, French, Romanian and Arabic.

  8. Research Services Wooster

    Drupal 7 Training for OARDC

    Jan 13, 2017

    Drupal 7 is the website content management system for CFAES. Our CFAES website and a variety of other college websites are now based in Drupal 7. We will provide training for your Drupal 7 website.

  9. example of Event

    Update to the Event Content type

    May 3, 2016

    The Event content type has been updated. This update:

    • Adds a header image to events that will show on the lists of Events under the Events tab, and in the upper right corner of the full Event (under the important information block). 

    • Reformats the home page upcoming events block to show the month and day of the Event in white text on a black background.

    • Standardizes the date display to be a quasi ap style on all the other displays. (three letter month, day, four number year).

  10. Content is like water

    Update for Slideshow Slide and Homepage Slide

    Apr 28, 2016

    Please see the blog posting about the new more responsive Slideshow slides and Homepage Slides.