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By:BGS, Wednesday, June 24th, 2015
Cancelled Event

Our Drupal web sites are currently grouped into four template categories:

  • Extension Counties – the 88 Extension County web sites.
  • Drupal 7 Basic – many of our web sites use this template, for example: d7sandbox.cfaes.ohio-state.edu
  • Departments – the CFAES Departments, for example: plantpath.osu.edu
  • Top level web sites – such as: CFAES, ATI, South Centers, Extension Main and OARDC.

Updates are continually made to the four templates. For example the Drupal 7 Basic template Event content type was recently updated to include a Cancelled check box. If you create an Event that is later cancelled, you can simply log on to your Drupal 7 Basic web site, go to the Edit function for the Event and select the Cancelled box. This keeps the Event on the web site and lets your possible attendees know that the Event was Cancelled.

Why would you want to keep a Cancelled Event on your web site? If you have to cancel an event, it's important to communicate with your possible attendees. Let your possible attendees know about expectations for refunds, if applicable, who they can contact with further questions, or if you plan on re-scheduling the event date. You can communicate this in the body text of the Cancelled Event.

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Wed, 06/24/2015 - 8:50am -- BGS

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