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By:BGS, Wednesday, May 12th, 2021
Example of Email Builder

Hello Communicators (from Eric Owens)

As discussed in our previous meeting, The CFAES Email Builder is now online and available to use.  This application is meant to allow you to more easily build emails out that utilize the university brand email template (

Access to use the builder can be provided in two ways.

  1. It can be installed on any CFAES Drupal Website (currently this does not include extension county websites).  Anyone with editor access on that website will be able to create emails in the system.
  2. We have created a shared website with the email builder installed that we can give access to for users who do not have access to a CFAES Drupal Website.  That site can be reached at

To either request the module be installed or to request access to the shared builder website fill out the Web Request Form on the CFAES Strategic Marketing Website.

When you login to a site where the builder is installed, you will find a new menu for the email builder (Under “content” on the admin bar

  • Emails” will take you to the home page for the builder.  Here you will see a list of the emails you have created as well as a button to create a new email.   
  • Defaults” is for adjusting the fields that make up your standard template such as your unit/social profiles.

We have built in all of the “Modules” the university created and you can see a listing of those at the university brand site linked above.  We have also created a sample email that has an instance of every module in it you can see that here: .  New modules will be added over time, and please let us know when you find content you regularly send that doesn’t easily fit in the existing templates.  However, the process of adding options to the builder is not immediate, for the email you are producing you will either need to make your content work within the existing templates or modify the generated html elsewhere on your own.

As discussed, the builder does not send email, it is just to build out the html.  From there you can preview the email in a browser and/or copy/download the html for use in systems like constant contact or bbis.

Documentation for the email builder can be found online here:  Bonnie Scranton, our technical trainer, will be happy to provide training for the email builder upon request. (  As always, our whole team is here to help support this module and any problems you may encounter. 

This is a new project, and we are interested in any and all feedback please let us know how this goes for you.

If you have questions regarding your email sends please feel free to reach out to your strategic marketing partner/manager for your area.

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